Lawyer's Services


Start up corporation family entity Mexico corporate law

  • Incorporate business entities, maintain entity, draft shareholders' or equity members' minutes 
  • Draft and assess clients' internal policies related to data protection, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering; and compliance programs 
  • Prepare financing transactions for the agricultural industry
  • Evaluate and assist clients with international agreements (distribution, agency, supply)
  • Assist or conduct internal corporate investigations

Dispute Resolution

International litigation transnational arbitration mediation law

  • Represent clients in civil and commercial matters before state and federal courts in Mexico
  • Represent clients in mediation and commercial arbitration procedures
  • Act as liaison between local counsel and clients located abroad and vice versa
  • Analyze counsel's  litigation strategies, advise options and recommend client potential courses of action

Real Estate

International real property deals

  • Conduct attorney's due diligence for the purchase or sale of a property (including those subject to the agrarian regime (ejido or comunidad))
  • Advise on the structuring of financing transaction for the purchase or development of real estate or in real estate law 
  • Prepare legal opinions on interest on real estate, loans, secured financing and  chain of title for properties in Mexico
  • Negotiate with counterpart lawyers and draft agreements for acquisition or development of site, advise on land use, concessions for beach use and zoning 
  • Assist with identifying escrow services in Mexico